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Playoffs are NOT elimination matches. ALL teams will be allowed to play all 3 weeks worth of matches...there is even a match for 7th/8th Place! Don't forget to check this page frequently prior to the first week of playoffs as rankings can (and do) change from week to week!

Sunday Lower level playoffs

PRINTER FRIENDLY 8/21/22 8/14/22 8/21/22 8/28/22  
        Becca S    
        6:15 PM, Court 2  
      Spiked Punch      
    9:00 PM, Court 1    
      Volley Ranchers      
  FIFTH PLACE 8:05 PM, Court 2     6:15 PM, Court 1 CHAMPION
  5th Place   Bumpin Uglies     Champions
    8:05 PM, Court 2    
      Things That Go      
        7:10 PM, Court 1  
        Zero Gravity    
          7:10 PM, Court 2 THIRD PLACE
          3rd Place